25Hedwig Hetemann – Doll Shop

Teichgasse 6

Vintage newspaper classified ads in German script with various offerings such as "Puppenklinik" (doll hospital).
Newspaper advert, 1927.

Until 1938, Hedwig Hetemann's stationery and doll store, which could look back on decades of tradition, was located on the site of today's restaurant. The owner was also known as the "doll's wife" by the children in the neighborhood because she lovingly repaired broken dolls. During the November pogrom of 1938, it was the only store in Weimar that was still Jewish-owned. SS and SA men raided the store and destroyed the furnishings. The old, widowed Hedwig Hetemann was abused without anyone standing up for her. She lived at Teichgas- se 6 until September 20, 1942, when she was deported to the Theresienstadt ghetto at the age of 76. She died there on February 23, 1943 and the house was demolished in the early 1990s.