5Borkmann Printing Company

Jakobstraße 2

The picture shows the 31 January 1932 edition of the newspaper "Der Nationalsozialist" published by the Borkmann printing company. The swastika and imperial eagle are in the centre above the newspaper name.
The National Socialist, 31 January 1932.

The traditional Borkmann printing works, which had been based in Weimar since 1876, was located in the rear building of Jakobstraße 2. After 1933, the doorway was redesigned and today you can recognise four reliefs with symbols of the printing trade. The print shop produced all of Weimar's NSDAP publications from 1926 onwards. These included "Der Nationalsozialist", the forerunner of the "Thüringer Gauzeitung", published by Hans Severus Ziegler. In it, the 18-year-old Baldur von Schirach, the later Reichsjugendführer, published a tribute to Adolf Hitler, whom he had met shortly before. As a staunch National Socialist, Paul Borkmann also supplied the Wehrmacht and the Buchenwald concentration camp. In addition to wrapping paper, various forms for the concentration camp, such as the calculation of food rations, telexes and invoices, were delivered by this print shop. Paul Borkmann was arrested in 1945 and died in the same year; the print shop was expropriated in 1948.