35eJosef Cygler gravestone

at the Central Cemetary

An old, weathered gravestone with a Star of David, in a tranquil cemetery with trees and grass.
Josef Cygler's gravestone, 2024. Photo: Katherina Brand.

The gravestone with the Star of David marks the final
resting place of Josef Cygler, who came to
Buchenwald in February 1945 on a transport from the
Groß-Rosen concentration camp. The Polish Jew
survived the liberation, but died on August 1, 1945 as
a result of his imprisonment. His 22-year-old
daughter Rosa, who had survived the Bergen-Belsen
concentration camp, came to Weimar at the end of
June to care for her father. Father and daughter lived
at Rohlfsstrasse 3 for a short time before Josef
Cygler was admitted to the municipal hospital in July
1945 with physical pain. Cygler, a bookbinder by
trade, died at the age of 44.