16External command Marienstraße

Marienstraße 14 (Druckerei R. Wagner)

Ancient rusted piece of Metal with a loop handle next to a ruler for scale.
V2 cable lug, found at the Mittelbau-Dora concentration camp memorial, 1998.

One of the workplaces of concentration camp prisoners in Weimar - there is evidence of 20 different ones in 1944 alone - was located on the first floor of this building. Around 80 German, French and Spanish prisoners produced cable lugs for the so-called V2 rocket for the Siemens company in 1944. The production of the fine cable connections was an easily sabotaged work process and was therefore considered a particularly sensitive area, which is why the delivery and removal of the parts was kept strictly secret. The prisoners were taken to work in Marienstraße every day as a so-called "marching squad". Presumably under the supervision of a German engineer, they also worked together with civilian workers from Siemens.During air raids, the prisoners and workers were taken to the nearby municipal cemetery for safety reasons.